Sales teams are searching for new ways to get in front of potential clients. Marketing teams are eager to get better attendance at the next webinar or virtual event. The days of cold calling have come and gone. Even more now than ever during the pandemic/post-pandemic era, potential clients have found many new excuses to skip out on hearing your best elevator pitch.

Logo merchandise and swag can be the extended “handshake” your sales team and marketing department are looking for. Here are some examples how:


Sales Team Needs Warm Leads

Every week, your swag partner (that’s us 😊) sends a new group of potential leads a unique swag item, and your team follows up with a phone call. Create a theme around your sales campaign, and use a swag item that personalizes it. Another idea? Include a card with a unique code that allows the potential client to get a free swag item from your company store. The swag item takes the place of your cold call, and you are now reaching out with a warm, extended “handshake.”


Marketing Department Wants Better Webinar and Virtual Event Attendance

Reward potential clients who sign up for your next webinar or virtual event with a swag kit filled with logo goodies. This could include a water bottle and bag of chips or a coffee bag with your logo to enjoy while listening to your webinar. Or maybe send out a pair of bluelight glasses with your logo to wear while attending your virtual event.

How much is a client worth to you? What did your sales team normally spend in gas allowances and client lunch meetings in years past? Save money, and become much more efficient in your sales approach in the process. Eagle Graphics has been helping clients find unique ways to engage clients for more than 20 years. Our warehousing and fulfillment teams can print, warehouse, and fulfill your next swag campaign and provide a warm, extended “handshake” for your sales or marketing department in the process. From there, it’s up to you!

Request more information about our swag kits, and learn how a swag “handshake” can lead to new leads for your sales and marketing team.