U.S. AutoForce hats being embroidered

Embroidery offers a classic and versatile way to showcase your brand on various apparel and accessories. At Eagle Graphics, we take pride in offering a comprehensive embroidery solution tailored to meet your unique needs. Here’s why choosing embroidery with us can help your branding strategy:

In-House Design and Digitization

When you partner with Eagle Graphics, you gain access to our dedicated in-house design and digitization team. From idea to execution, our experts work closely with you to turn your concepts into perfect embroidery-ready files. This direct collaboration ensures precision and a seamless translation of your brand identity into stunning embroidered designs.

On-Site Production

Experience unparalleled quality and consistency with our on-site production facility. Equipped with state-of-the-art Tajima embroidery machines featuring multiple needles and embroidery heads, we guarantee exceptional quality with every stitch. With one employee dedicated to running and overseeing your company’s entire embroidery process, we maintain meticulous attention to detail, ensuring your logo is reproduced perfectly on each and every garment.

Top-End Equipment for Maximum Flexibility

Our investment in top-end Tajima embroidery machines reflects our commitment to versatility and efficiency. With 42 embroidery heads across seven machines, we can handle orders of any size with ease. This flexibility enables us to bring your embroidery vision to life, whether it’s a small batch or a large-scale production—all under one roof.

Best Practices for Online Stores

Ensure optimal visibility and brand consistency on your online store with these best practices:

Darks and Lights: Offer multiple logo variations optimized for both light and dark-colored garments to meet brand standards and cater to different preferences. Take the Eagle Graphics embroidery logo for example, we have our Black & Grey variation that goes on lighter garments, and we have our White and Grey variation that goes on darker garments.

You can also have your logo be a singular color, offering the logo in All Black and All White as well to offer more options for your employees to get the exact look they are going for.

Different Logo Designs: Provide a variety of logo designs, such as horizontal, stacked, and icon options, to accommodate different product placements and employee preferences. The example below shows one of our customers, Atlantic Casualty Insurance Company, and the logos they offer their employees on their company apparel store. Atlantic Casualty Insurance offers a Horizontal, Stacked, ACIC Triangle, and a Triangle logo to select. 

Size Considerations: Choosing the perfect size for your embroidered logo is essential for a polished finish. At Eagle Graphics, we recommend keeping your logo between 2-3.5 inches wide for optimal appearance. This range ensures clarity and proportionality on various apparel pieces. However, for intricate designs, we may suggest going up to 4 inches wide while considering placement to maintain balance. Trust our experienced team to guide you in selecting the ideal size for your logo, ensuring a standout result every time.

Permissions Management: Implement logo permissions based on your brand guidelines to restrict or allow logo placement on specific garment colors, ensuring compliance and consistency.

Your Embroidery Journey with Eagle Graphics

At Eagle Graphics, we’re committed to delivering exceptional embroidery solutions that elevate your brand identity. From design conception to final production, we’re your trusted partner every step of the way. Experience the difference of custom embroidery with Eagle Graphics and redefine your brand’s presence today.