Has your company been looking into an online swag store for your employees, but have not got around to it for one reason or another? If so don’t wait, 2023 is your year to upgrade to a brand-new employee and client experience. I will discuss the benefits to not only start thinking about building a store but how to schedule a demo as soon as possible with a trusted online store provider.

As your company grows, it’s valuable to have your brand in front of as many people as possible. Logoed apparel and swag are perfect opportunities for your company to have brand recognition that doesn’t end when the commercial or ad stops. It is a continuous way for not only your employees to feel appreciated and proud, but for your customers to promote your services.

Many companies hire full-time employees to take care of ordering and distributing logoed swag to your employees and customers. It can take time away from many other important responsibilities with your Human Resource and your Marketing teams. Many people I talk to say the managing of their swag and apparel is one of the hardest responsibilities they have and wished there was a solution to help them do their job more efficiently. 

Throughout my six years of talking with hundreds of companies about their online store needs, one of the most common practices I found was from companies that have a closet full of logoed apparel and swag items. They don’t know how to get it into their employee’s hands, and it ends up being a waste of funds and soon becomes outdated.  

With a company online store, it not only is functional to get employees and customers the branded merchandise they deserve, but it makes you and your company look professional. A company online store also allows you to track inventory and to better analyze what people want to wear and use. Many Online Stores allow on demand ordering, so instead of a closet full of logged apparel in random sizes, your employee or client can order exactly the size and color they want and there is no waste.   

If you think an online store is something you want to start thinking about, don’t hesitate to at least schedule a demo  to see what it will take to get your store set up. Most demos take no longer than 30 minutes and there is never any pressure from our team. Depending on your company spend you might be able to get an online store at no additional cost to what you are already spending on for apparel and swag items.

Request a demo of our company store software and see firsthand how a new online store program this year makes sense for your business.