Payment Methods


How will your employees pay for company merch on your company store? We’ve got options, and lots of them! Employee company stores by Eagle Graphics gives your employees the most robust payment methods in the industry. The convenience of various payment methods for all your shoppers’ budgets and comfort level will deliver the best user experience to your team. Outside of the actual products themselves, having the right payment methods available is probably the most important factor in employee traffic and ultimately orders within your online company store.

Sample checkout page showing mulitutde of payment methods.

Custom Payment Methods

Starting off strong here, we have custom payment methods! This means you can create whatever type of payment method employees need to use such as purchase orders, payroll deduct, cost center codes, and more. With this method, it’s all up to you!

Account Balances

Account balances ensure that once your shoppers receive their credit, you can just sit back and relax! Give registered users a credit amount to spend within the store and only when that account balance is spent will the company be invoiced. With this method, it’s impossible for users to go over a specific budget. Great for rewarding employees for a job well done, years of service recognition, or just to create excitement for the team using your company store.

Payroll Deduct

Allowing employees to use payroll deduct for payment is extremely popular and convenient. The one thing we do hear from clients is there is certainly a little more housework on the company’s side with managing this from an accounting/payroll aspect. With that said, we can supply monthly reports that can make this process easier for you and your accounting team.

Basset Bucks - $50 physical gift certificates

Gift Certificates

Want to reward your employees with a little gift? A gift card is the perfect solution! This gift card will be loaded into a user’s account or at checkout. This payment method gives users a credited amount to spend in the store, without spending money out of their own pockets. We even have customers that hand out physical gift cards to their employees! Gift certificates are great for rewarding employees for a job well done, hitting a sales goal or going above and beyond the call of duty.

Coupon Codes

If you’re interested in providing your shoppers with a discount, then coupon codes are for you! Coupon codes provide a dollar or percentage discount for the entire order, product, or shipping.


Reward and Recognition Programs are popular programs that you can easily manage with a Point Store. Point stores are very similar to regular Online stores, except that products are displayed in a point value rather than a currency value.

This is an advantage for your client who maybe wants to reward their employees with points instead of dollars to see what they are spending in the store or perhaps they don’t want to display the actual price of each product in the store. Point to dollar conversions are customizable and convert your entire store to show pricing in points instead of dollars! Keep in mind, a point store will not allow cash payments whatsoever and will only allow the points as the form of payment.

To recap, providing more payment options for your employees means a better user experience for your team and will equate to a company store with traffic. By far the number one element that will increase acceptance and traffic in your online company store is providing the employees a discount or account balance towards their purchase. Remember, these items are decorated with your company logo. If you want to promote from within, encourage your employees to purchase company merch by providing an incentive to do so. Employees touting the company brand increases retention, morale, and ultimately brand recognition to everyone your team encounters.

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