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Co-Owner of Eagle Graphics since 2001 with over 15 years of experience providing company store, warehousing and fulfillment solutions to clients worldwide

Employee Company Stores – In Flight – Adding New Employees

  Efficient Onboarding: A Guide to Adding Employees to Your Company Apparel Store   Embark on the process of onboarding new employees to your company's apparel store with efficiency. A streamlined onboarding process not only simplifies HR workflows but also significantly improves the overall user experience. As we guide you through the different methods of [...]

Employee Company Stores – In Flight – Payment Methods

  Payment Methods   How will your employees pay for company merch on your company store? We’ve got options, and lots of them! Employee company stores by Eagle Graphics gives your employees the most robust payment methods in the industry. The convenience of various payment methods for all your shoppers’ budgets and comfort level will deliver the [...]

10 Reasons You Need an Online Company Swag Store

Online company stores are no longer a fad. They are mandatory for companies with employees counts over 250 that want to reward employees, manage uniforms and manage your overall swag logistics and distribution. Company swag can quickly get out of hand when it comes to inventory control and the time your HR or Marketing team [...]

Engage Your Remote Workforce with Company Swag

The traditional 9-5 office job has certainly taken a back seat...or should we say kitchen chair? The idea of working from home for a few weeks has now turned into months and maybe even years. Sure, it will save the company money over time without having to pay overhead expenses like rent, phones, heating, and [...]

7 Reasons This Is the Year for a New Online Company Store

Is ordering, managing, and distributing branded apparel and swag taking up too much time? Does your current store supplier take too long to ship, or do orders arrive incorrect or with items missing? Do you struggle with ordering the right sizes and distributing company apparel, swag and print to your employees? If any of these [...]

How To Shake A Client’s Hand with Swag During and After a Pandemic

Sales teams are searching for new ways to get in front of potential clients. Marketing teams are eager to get better attendance at the next webinar or virtual event. The days of cold calling have come and gone. Even more now than ever during the pandemic/post-pandemic era, potential clients have found many new excuses to [...]

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