The traditional 9-5 office job has certainly taken a back seat…or should we say kitchen chair? The idea of working from home for a few weeks has now turned into months and maybe even years. Sure, it will save the company money over time without having to pay overhead expenses like rent, phones, heating, and A/C, but how do companies keep employees engaged? Enter, company swag!



Show employees you appreciate their service

Swag Kits can be a great way to show employees you are thinking about them, right after they are hired or after 10 years of service. Welcoming an employee on board or recognizing a seasoned veteran can give your team a sense of belonging and appreciation. Giving employees a credit in the online company store is a great way to show your love and let the employee choose a gift they want. Good employees who feel appreciated by their employer work harder and stay longer.


Have a dedicated company gear day

With the growing popularity of video conferences, a great way to boost morale and keep the company spirits up is to have a company gear day. Schedule a monthly team meeting, and require company logo hoodies, t-shirts, pullovers, etc. We bet some of the seasoned veterans we referenced above have some retro gear they could pull out for the occasion!


Have your team trial new promo products

One thing we may hear more than anything from clients is “What’s new and exciting that won’t get thrown away?” How great would it be for your employees to provide swag feedback to your marketing team by trialing new promo products before they are ordered for the next company promotion? Put a rating system in place, and have some fun with it.

Check out some of Eagle Graphics’ sample swag kits or view a demo of our company store software to see how we can help engage your team and keep them feeling part of the team even while sitting on the kitchen chair.