Employee Rewards Programs

Employee Reward Programs Breed Continued Success! Popular Reward programs recognize:

  • Performance

  • Safety

  • Sales Goals

  • Years of Service

  • Many Other Company Achievements

Companies that provide reward and recognition programs are more likely to experience higher levels of productivity and retain employees who achieve these goals – your best employees!

Two Popular Reward Stores Programs

Branded Company Stores

Items in this store are branded with your logo and consist of apparel and promotional products. These items are typically warehoused and fulfilled on demand when orders are placed

company store demo
company store demo

Non Branded Online Stores

This store is filled with non-branded items such as tools, household items, camping and recreation items. Some of our more popular brands include BOSE, Weber, Coleman, TREK, Apple & Dyson.

company store demo
company store demo

Build A Successful Reward Program

Step 1

Be Timely

Be Timely

Don’t let your employees go months without feeling their goal was valued. Employees using our program can be instantly notified that their achievement was appreciated and rewarded for their contributions. Instant gratification is huge in today’s society!

Step 2

Be Frequent

Be Frequent

Don’t tell them just once! Recognition is most effective when it is given frequently.  Great employees respond more to recognition than most other forms of compensation. We need to consistently remind them that they are great to encourage repeat greatness!

Step 3

Be Specific

Be Specific

Rewards that are laid out in advance and understood completely by your team will eliminate questions. Employees who feel they are going above and beyond and are not recognized for these efforts can be detrimental to your team. Make sure your goals are specific and easy to understand.

Setting Up An Incentive Checklist!

  • Determine whether the program will be paper-based, online-based or a combination of both

  • Decide on the level of administrative capabilities and reporting the program needs to provide

  • Distinguish the goals and criteria that must be met for points to be awarded

  • Establish a program budget and the points to be awarded for each goal attained

  • Schedule an implementation date for the program

  • Provide our team with the artwork and text that will be incorporated in the setup of the program

  • Communicate the program to the participants. We can help!