Company Swag / Employee Uniforms / Marketing Collateral Stores & Reward Programs

Looking for a feature rich online company store or rewards program for your employees? Our solution provides a full service online store complete with in-house decorating, warehousing and fulfillment. Our credit/points stores are great for employee uniform allowances or reward based programs. Excellent reporting and budgeting features for reducing overall ordering costs.

  • Easy Online Ordering

  • User Management + Points and Rewards

  • Customize with logo choice and personalization

  • Inventory & Distribution of pre-purchased products.

  • Custom order and history reporting

  • Payment Processing

What Our Clients Are Saying

Eagle Graphics’ Company Swag Stores And Reward Programs Are Trusted By 100+ Global Brands

Manage your branded apparel, merchandise, and/or printed marketing collateral through with one of our customized corporate websites. We manage the printing of items, warehousing of inventory, and distribution of orders all in-house.

Our team works with you to choose the best products to meet your unique needs. We provide product fulfillment, inventory, user management and account balance maintenance, custom reporting, payment options and processing, shipping and delivery distribution. In addition we offer several incentive and rewards based programs for employees and customers.

Employee Apparel & Uniforms

Whether you implement employee uniforms for safety, identification or branding purposes –  Eagle Graphics helps you identify an appropriate uniform for all levels of employees and creates an easy process for ordering new apparel on an as needed basis, through our company store solution.

If uniforms are not necessary in your organization, company branded apparel is an excellent tool for promoting your organization and allows your employees to choose their own pieces within the range of items you’ve pre-selected.

Years of Service Rewards

A service award is an opportunity for an organization to recognize an employee for his or her longevity or tenure with the organization and is a valuable segment of your employee retention efforts. This award allows you to thank your employee for his or her service.

A  Service Rewards Program model would offer awards to employees at 3 years, 5 years, 10, years, 15 years and so forth with rewards value increasing at each level. This can be achieved with an increased dollar/point value with which to shop or increased product value from which  the employee can choose from.

Safety Rewards

Promote and reward safety in the workplace with products that display your safety message and encourage and remind your workers of your safety values. Using a point based rewards system allows you to reward your employees as a whole, individually or within groups or departments as they reach incentive goals.

Choosing products that can be used as work gear or tools can help them continue to reach future safety goals. We have a huge selection of safety and high-visibility apparel and products as well as popular technology or brand name apparel to re-engage your employees in your safety programs.

Wellness Program Rewards

Implementing a wellness program can be beneficial to your employees well-being, healthcare costs, and workplace culture – with less absenteeism, higher job satisfaction and work productivity.

Whether you promote exercise, weight loss and obesity prevention, smoking cessation, blood pressure and cholesterol management or personal health and safety practices ;Eagle Graphics can aid you in providing rewards to employees who meet objectives or exceed their peers in their wellness efforts.

Sales Goal Programs

Success in any company starts with a strong sales team. Motivating your sales representatives to surpass expectations, and deliver on jobs and orders needed to keep your business functioning, should not be neglected.

Not only can we provide your sales team with quick access to the tools and resources they need to get the best possible results, we offer an exclusive rewards program with products and apparel to excite your team and inspire them to reach farther and sell more.

Holiday Gifts

Holidays are a great opportunity to give your employees and customers some extra appreciation for their work and dedication to the success of your company. Many companies will provide gift certificates or point balances to their employees that allow them to select an item of their choosing or use the amount towards an item of a higher value that they would like.

Performance Rewards

Cultivate superior performance with rewards to your employees for short term exhibited ability to learn,  long term dedication, major contributions, and assumed leadership roles.

Recognition Programs

Employee recognition and acknowledgement fosters loyalty. The more frequently someone is recognized for the impact of their work, the more connected they feel to the vision and goals of the company.

Recognizing your employees can be easy as easy as handing out gift cards to purchase products from your company store, when you notice an employee making decisions in line with your company values. Recognition can also include large prize values for annual recognition awards.