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New Hire Welcome Kits

Welcome new team members to your company with branded merchandise kits that extend a warm welcome and sense of appreciation. Kits can be pre-made and inventoried at our facility so new team members can receive these soon after they are hired. This program can be an extension of your existing online company store or a separate program geared specifically for new hires.

A Successful New Hire Welcome Kit

3 Keys to a Successful New Hire Welcome Kit

Key 1

Know Your Audience.

Age and Gender play a big role in determining the right mix of products in your New Hire Kit. Work with our team to ensure the products are a perfect match to the employees you are hiring!

Key 2

Promote Your Brand.

Your brand should be integrated into your employees from the beginning. Promote brand awareness both inside and outside your company. From apparel to electronics and wellness items, let us help you promote from day 1.

Key 3

Don’t Skimp on Products.

New hires that get a sweet gift will most likely post it on social media and talk about it with friends. A small price to pay for huge reward. Remember, your employees are your best recruiters!

Interested in learning more about our new hire kits? Fill out the short form below and you will be sent an email showing examples of our New Hire Kits.

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The Boxed Welcome Kit

Add a custom box complete with your company logo, welcome message and corporate colors and fill it with branded items of your choosing. We help you every step of the way to make this an easy process that presents awesomeness!

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Welcome Kits of All Shapes and Sizes

Let us help you build a custom backpack or tote filled with a few new employee must-haves! Items are decorated with your company logo and can fit any budget. Kits are put together, warehoused and fulfilled at our facility for hassle-free distribution.