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Monday, March 7, 2011

Cotton Prices Rise Sharply; Apparel Prices Follow


Since November of 2010 cotton prices have been steadily increasing, affecting prices on all cotton products in our industry. Prices have risen several times already in 2011, and our suppliers expect another sharp increase in the spring of 2011. Several factors have impacted the price of cotton including shortfalls in production levels driven by a combination of weather and a loss of acreage. The increasing popularity of bio-fuels and high prices for other commodity crops enticed many farmers to shift from growing cotton to planting crops such as corn, soybeans and wheat. For the past 10 years, Eagle Graphics has not had a major price increase within any of our apparel programs. We are dedicated to providing our customers with the greatest value for their purchase and will continue to do everything we can to limit this increase. Manufacturers including Hanes, Gildan, Fruit of the Loom and others will not commit to apparel prices longer than 7 business days. Because of this, our quotes will also follow these guidelines to ensure our business can produce the quality product you deserve at the market price at time of purchase. We appreciate your business and look forward to working with you to provide the best value for all your print, promotional and marketing products.